Designed to be unique Focused on the high-end custom home market

At Echelon Custom Homes, we pride ourselves on building homes that showcase superior craftsmanship and beautiful timeless design.

Our passion for building exceptional homes fuels our ongoing research into new and innovative materials, trends, designs and construction methods. This tireless pursuit of excellence allows us to offer the highest quality, most energy-efficient and aesthetically appealing homes available today.

At Echelon, we place quality above all else in every area of the home, even those areas often overlooked by the homeowner.

“Echelon’s attention to detail is what sets them apart from other builders in the area. They expect perfection and that is exactly what you get!”

- Helen Gargan
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  • Lance Manlove
    Lance Manlove
    Lance is a native of Sussex County, growing up in Seaford.

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  • Matty Adler
    Matty Adler
    Matt Adler was born and raised outside Providence, Rhode Island.

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  • Tim Tice
    Tim Tice
    Tim first fell in love with design in high school.

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  • Ivana Biela
    Ivana Biela
    Ivana hails from behind the Iron Curtain — Slovakia, former Czechoslovakia.

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  • Wes Fruehauf
    Wes Fruehauf
    Wes has three sons named after famous cowboys.

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  • Dan Matta
    Dan Matta
    Dan Matta joined the Echelon team as a Project Manager in January of 2008.

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  • Mike Criswell
    Mike Criswell
    Mike two energetic children Evelyn and Andrew.

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  • Dion Lamb
    Dion Lamb
    Dion is a trainer for Crossfit Lewes and very active in youth coaching.

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  • Jeff Anemone
    Jeff Anemone
    Jeff started learning the building trade right out of high school working for his dad’s company.

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  • Gary Desch
    Gary Desch
    Gary was born in Baltimore MD where he has worked for National Builders since 2005.

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  • Travis White
    Travis White
    Travis joined the Echelon team in 2012. He enjoys having a hand in the unique, one of a kind projects Echelon has come to be known for.

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  • Josh Hay
    Josh Hay
  • Emily Demarco
    Emily Demarco
  • Lindsay Knoll
    Lindsay Knoll

Team Echelon

The success we have achieved at Echelon is a direct result of the amazing group of people that make up the Echelon Team. Echelon’s organizational structure is highly unconventional and is fundamental to our unique approach towards our business. We view ourselves more as an athletic team where our performance is measured by the happiness of our customers, rather than merely a business where profit is the bottom line.

Although the members of Team Echelon have different skills and specialties, we all share one trait: we truly love to design and build awe-inspiring custom homes. This common passion is the glue that holds our team together and has made the pursuit of our passion so exciting and rewarding.

Echelon has a very unique and special culture that is not easily put into words. From the moment you first meet an Echelon team member, you’ll realize that something is different about our people and our company. The passion we have for building custom homes is extremely evident and creates an air of excitement and enthusiasm around everything we do. We find this passion to be infectious, allowing our customers to become part of the fun and thrill of the entire building experience.

Our team motto, although short and simple, best describes the remarkable group of people that make up Team Echelon:

Passion. Energy. Pride.

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