2012 CrossFit Games Open Challenge; week 2

By Dion Lamb, in health

Ok so in my last post we talked about our company promoting fitness for employees and my participation in the 2012 Crossfit games open. Sunday March 4th was the last day to post scores for round 2 of the competition. Round 2 was the snatch tree 30 reps at the following weights 75, 135, 165, 210 or as many as you can get in 10 minutes. I knew going in this was not to my strengths, what I wasn’t planning on was disturbing an old injury. GRRR! The workout was hard but more frustrating than anything else, I would do this one again anytime compared to the first workout. However, I didn’t get a second chance, (workouts are posted on Wed you have until Sunday to complete and post your best score), due to my injury.

In a previous life I played college volleyball and beach volleyball at a highly competitive level. Over the course of the years and one dislocated shoulder, I ended up with a SLAP lesion/tear in my shoulder. This was repaired via surgery almost ten years ago. And despite being a painful surgery and recovery I would do it again in a heartbeat because it gave me 95% of my original use back. However, every once in a while it gets aggravated (technical term J) and my range of motion disappears and my overhead strength essentially is wiped out. This occurred about 2/3 of the way through my workout and as a result I finished with 52 reps. I am pretty sure 60 was easily achievable and not being able to redo and get those eight extra reps may hurt my overall goal to finish in the top 25% of the Men’s 45-49 Masters division. Frustrating. As of right now I am still holding steady in the top 25% but a lot of scores still need to be posted. You can follow me at Crossfit Leaderboard; up in the top right is a search box where you can also search by name or affiliate. (My name is Dion Lamb my affiliate is Crossfit Lewes)

So overall a very disappointing round 2. And on top of that I am essentially not able to workout at all until I recover which makes me a little bit nutty. I need to burn off the stress and I’m not sure how to put it in words that don’t make me sound like a nut job, but I suppose if the shoe fits… When you invest so much time and mental energy into something and it changes your life for the better it becomes a part of your identity, and how you feel about yourself. When it is eliminated via injury (this is not my first) I tend to take it harder, it affects my mood, my self-esteem, my overall outlook.

Wow, that does sound crazy, seeing it on paper.

Ok blog followers, I am officially trying to focus on the positive while I heal, my life is very good and I am incredibly blessed. No more whiny pants.

Hopefully I’ll be ready by Thursday. I’ll update on Thursday with the week 3 workout and my health status.