2012 CrossFit Games Open Challenge; week 3

By Dion Lamb, in health

Ok if you have been following along we are in week 3 of the 5 week Crossfit open challenge. To recap, my goal is to finish in the top 25% in the world in my age group. Last week an aggravation of an old injury caused me to be 8 repetitions short of an easily achievable goal for the week 2 workout. Those 8 reps cost me 324 places in the week 2 scoring, and 137 places in the overall rankings. The good news is I’m still currently in 311th place overall out of 1476, which is still in the top 25%.

The week 3 workout has been announced and is as follows:

In 18 minutes perform as many rounds as possible of 15 box jumps to a 24″ box, 12 push press at 115 lbs, 9 toes to bar. Quick explanation of each:

  • Box jumps – from a standing position jump on top of a 24″ box come to a full standing position, repeat 15 times
  • Push press – bar starts on the ground, get the weight to your chest/shoulders then perform 12 reps from chest to locked out overhead in whatever manner is most efficient for you
  • Toes to bar – hanging from a pull up bar bring your toes up to touch the pull up bar, heels must go behind the vertical bar plane at the bottom, repeat 9 times.

This is a very nicely thought out workout both in terms of muscle groups used and quantity of reps and time. The reps are all just outside of the comfort zone of a normal workout, i.e. you would normally do 10 push press at 95 lbs. This ought to be fun, and by fun I mean awful :). Score update to follow on Sunday, I am hoping to get 7 rounds or 252 total reps, we’ll see…