2012 CrossFit Games Open Challenge; week 4 Update

By Dion Lamb, in health

The week 4 workout is: 12 minutes as many rounds as possible of

  • 150 Wall Balls at 20lbs
  • 90 Double Unders
  • 30 Muscle Ups

This workout is listed with as many rounds as possible but in reality very, very few will complete one round. The wall ball exercise is as follows – take a 20lb medicine ball starting in a full squat, explode up and throw the ball to a ten foot target on the wall. The ball must hit at or above the target to count and must hit the wall, you then have to catch the 20lb med ball and return to a full squat for 1 rep. Easy, now just do it 150 times, after about 90 reps your shoulders are completely cooked and you are jumping out of your squat to try to get the ball to the target, now you only have 60 to go. Fun times.

Once you complete the 150 wall balls and you’re wondering who stole all of the oxygen, pick up a jump rope and do 90 double unders. A double under is simply jumping rope, you know except for the part where the rope has to pass under your feet twice on each jump. So the rope has to blur around and you have to jump higher, a very serious energy and oxygen destroyer. Especially if like me, you are not very strong at these. If you can get both of those done you get on the gymnastic rings and perform a muscle up. A muscle up is the Everest of CrossFit moves for any non-gymnasts. Essentially from a dead hang position on the rings you have to pull yourself up and over the rings into a dip position, than fully extend from there. Here is a link showing the progression http://breakingmuscle.com/video/breaking-muscle-video-muscle. I have been working on these for a year and haven’t gotten one yet, let alone 30.

My results were pretty average. I had hoped to get through the double unders in the 12 min period, but was only able to complete the 150 wall balls and 32 double unders. For a score of 182. This score didn’t drop me any further in the standings but it didn’t move me up either. I am 3 full days after the workout when writing this and my legs are still very sore, 150 wall balls definitely took their toll. Hoping for anything but dead lifts in the last workout, maybe I can get overhead squats and pull-ups, two exercises I am better at and make up some ground in the last week to get back to the top 25%. I’ll post the workout and my thoughts as soon as it is announced.