Echelon Custom Homes of Delaware Wins Acclaim at Regal Awards

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Echelon Custom Homes & designer Matt Adler featured in Gordon & Associates Outlook Spring 2010 issue.

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The morning after the blizzard

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Echelon Design Center

Echelon Design Center 02-11-2010

Echelon Design Center 02-11-2010

Echelon Design Center 02-11-2010

Homes in the snow

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Henlopen Acres II


RB Yacht Club


Henlopen Acres I

What to look for when searching for a builder

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By far the most important factor when determining the quality of a builder is how happy the builder’s customers are with the builder. However, there are some other factors that a prospective home buyer should explore before choosing a builder. They are:

  1. What is the builder’s financial situation? Many builders have been hurt by the housing downturn and are having trouble meeting their financial obligations. Financial stress has caused builders to cut back on their staff and operate their business with a skeleton crew, which means it will be difficult for these builders to build a quality home and provide adequate customer service. In addition, some of these builders are close to bankruptcy and may not be able to finish your home. To determine a builder’s financial situation, you can ask questions like: How much debt does your company have? How many unsold Spec homes do you have? Are you currently in any form of “workout” with any bank? Can I see a copy of your most recent company bank statement? Good financially sound builders will gladly answer these questions and provide you with any documentation you request.
  2. Who specifically will be building my home? It is important that you meet the actual person or team of people that will be onsite as your home is being built. The quality of your home will be directly related to the skill and experience of the superintendent building your home. Many custom builders have owners who are experienced builders and good salesmen but these “owners” are usually not onsite as your home is being built. Make sure you interview the person who will actually be building your home before you contract with a builder.
  3. Does your company have a dedicated customer service department with separate staff and equipment? Most custom home builders do not have a customer service department and thus will provide minimal customer support after delivery of the home. In our research, this was a major source of frustration for custom home buyers. With custom homes, it is inevitable that issues will arise that need to be addressed by the builder. Without a customer service department, it will be very difficult for a builder to provide sufficient customer support. Unfortunately, most custom builders do not have much interest in allocating resources to customers who have already paid them in full.

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Custom home builder is participating in Christmas Parades

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Echelon Custom Homes & Schell Brothers will be participating in the 2009 Lewes and Rehoboth Beach Christmas Parade. Join us to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.
Alley Oop Skim

Rehoboth Beach Christmas Parade 2008


Date: Saturday, December 5th 2009 (rain date Sunday, December 6th)

Time: 5:00pm

Where: Begins at Lewes Ninth Grade Academy on Savannah Road and turns down Second Street ending at King’s Ice Cream Shop at Market Street. Culminates with the arrival of Santa.

~For more information please visit Lewes Chamber of Commerce~


A local tradition, the parade will feature more music, more costumes and more fun than ever, with volunteers from the Fire Department, Police, Public Works and community organizations.

Date: Monday, December 7th 2009

Time: 6:30pm

Where: The parade begins at State Road, travels east to the Boardwalk and the turns west and goes back up to the Convention Center.

There will be Christmas Party immediately following the parade at Convention Hall. Youngsters can chat with Santa and light refreshments will be served.

Team Echelon

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Echelon Custom Homes

Echelon Team Delaware - Copy

Schell pumps up his employees

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As healthcare continues to be a hot topic on the hill, Chris Schell, owner of Echelon Custom Homes, has taken a different approach. Instead of waiting until employees are sick or unhealthy, he took measures to provide them with opportunities to get in better shape.

As the old saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and investing in the welfare of one’s workforce may prove to be the most powerful medicine of all for America’s healthcare system.

Schell has always been a firm believer that people tend to be happier when they feel good about themselves, and he feels strongly that most people tend to be at their best when they are healthy and in shape. That’s why Chris decided to offer his employees the chance to enroll in my Corporate Energizing program designed to teach workers how to live a healthy lifestyle while getting in better shape through weight training, cardiovascular training and learning nutritional basics.

Chris even decided to pay for the program with one small catch: Anyone who failed to meet his or her fitness goals had to agree to pay the company back the full cost of the program. The program lasts 12 weeks, but Chris extended it for an additional month as a bonus for his employees, who trained with me as a team. At the end, Team Echelon did not disappoint. The eight participants lost a total of 140 pounds, 109 inches and an average of 10 percent body fat.

Other accomplishments included placing third and fifth in a competitive 5K race, winning a golf outing with a personal driving record, participating in a triathlon, reducing cholesterol and blood pressure and drastically improving overall appearances.

Several of the participants will continue on to compete in the Dewey Beach Sprint Triathlon Saturday, Sept. 19, while continuing to improve their overall shape. Rising healthcare costs have forced the private sector to look for better solutions to keeping employees healthy. I believe we will see more companies like Echelon take a personal interest in the welfare of their employees by providing healthy opportunities and education.

Chris Antonio

Lewes Canalfront Park Project

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Around 8 o’clock on the morning of Saturday August 1st the first collection of children christened the Lewes Canalfront Playground.  The swings were swinging, the spring whales were springing, and little feet were running everywhere.  This is quite remarkable considering just 5 days earlier this same area consisted of little more than dirt and mud.

The following day, in expressing his admiration for the completed playground, a prominent long-time Lewes resident mentioned that this was the largest volunteer project in the town’s recent history.

The quality of our experience and accomplishment is a direct result of the individuals who participated in this team effort.  All of you, laborer, designer, financier, business partner, administrator, equipment & service provider, recruiter, were absolutely vital to our project’s success.

Echelon Design Center Renovation

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echelon design center renovation

Adding more office space at the Echelon design center!

rehoboth beach renovation

Antonio trains Echelon Custom Homes employees for calendar shoot

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Custom Homes

Passion, energy and pride is the motto used to describe how Chris Schell- President of Echelon Custom Homes- perceives his companies product so why would he accept anything less when hiring a trainer to help his employees get in shape for their fist annual company calendar shoot?

The answer is he wouldn’t. He immediately came to Antonio’s Training Systems and enrolled his calendar employees in my 12 Week Body Transformation Program.

Chris Schell created the calendar shoot as a clever way to motivate his employees to take up a healthy lifestyle. On July 15, 2009 his employees will pose for a calendar shoot to feature The Bodies of Echelon.

In addition to looking great for the camera each employee will be expected to fulfill a list of personal goals determined by yours truly or they will have to pay the company back for the cost of their transformation. This may be the most creative healthcare program ever. Stay tuned for more information.