Fall is coming…

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Yes, we all love Summer because it brings such energy and excitement to our area. That said, ask just about any local and you’ll quickly learn that Fall is the best season at the beach. There are several reasons why this holds true for most of us.  The weather in September and October is at it’s best with pleasant temperatures, sunny skies, and low humidity.  We also look forward to half-empty restaurants and stores and the ability to make quick trips up and down the highway on a Saturday afternoon.

Furthermore, Rehoboth and Lewes come alive in the Fall with numerous festivals, concerts, and other events unique to this area. I’d suggest visiting BEACH-FUN.com for more information on all the local happenings. One of our area’ s greatest assets are the State Parks, with my personal favorite being Cape Henlopen in Lewes. It offers such variety in activities, wildlife, and events that keep you wanting to come back for more. I like the CHSP best in the Fall because crowds are light, camping is at it’s best, and ocean/bay temps are very comfortable. This park is truly a gem and a place not to be missed! So, think of the Rehoboth/Lewes as you are planning your Fall getaway this year…you’ll love it.

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Camping at CHSP.

Father/Daugher Camping Trip to CHSP

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Lance and I took our daughters (Morgan, Lily and Shelby) camping in the Cape Henlopen State Park last weekend. I must say that it could have been one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had with my Daughter, Morgan. The weather was perfect, chef Lance  made an amazing dinner, and the girls weren’t “scared”…success on all fronts! Check out some of our photos.

Live bug...get it!

Lily and Morgan

Lance giving a biology lesson to Morgan and Lily


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Hey Folks,
Thanks for visiting my blog. Just wanted to pass along something that may be relevent to you. Starting now on your new home means that Echelon can have you enjoying summer 2010 at the beach. However, your window is quickly closing so contact us soon if you want to spend next summer relaxing with your toes in the sand.   TG

New home by Echelon in Fenwick Island

New home by Echelon in Fenwick Island

Fence Sitters

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If you’re sitting on the fence waiting for the “right time to buy”, NOW is that time. Call, blog or email me to find out why.

Dewey Beach Triathlon

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Come watch Team Echelon (Dan, Tim G, Chris, Tim T, Justin and Chip) compete in this year’s Dewey Beach Triathlon on Sept 19 at Tower Road State Park.

All Ready to Set Sail…Almost

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Random 7.21 002

2009 Bar League Volleyball Runner-Ups

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Kati and Morgan

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Utah 2009

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My Daughter – Morgan

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My Daughter - Morgan