Calling all fathers!!!

By Tim Tice, in Uncategorized

Well, My wife (Gillie Tice) and I are expecting our first child any day now. We will be having a girl named Willow Grace Tice. When you find out that you are going to be a parent you go through every emotion possible:

1. Excitement

2. Fear (this starts about 3 seconds after the excitement)

3. Love

There are lots of other emotions too that are just variations of the three above. I can only imagine what else I’ll feel after Willow arrives ( I hear they are the same just even stronger) but one thing is for sure…      I will be learning and experiencing something new every day for a very long time.

So, is there any advice that any fathers out there have for me? If you have any tips feel free to send them my way. I’m sure I will need them.