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  • Bedrooms 4 - 8
  • Bathrooms 3.5 - 7.5
  • Heated Sqft 3,642 - 7,495
  • Total Sqft 4,810 - 9,521
  • From $389,900*

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What Our Customers Have to Say:

What can we say…Echelon is simply the best! We did extensive research and interviewed several builders. Echelon is the TITAN amongst the custom home builders of Delaware. Only Echelon has this amazing design division, which is accompanied by evidence based building. The staff are highly educated and professional to the core, and somehow they found a way to make the process fun and exciting.

The Echelon team listened to us and made our building process personal. They wanted to understand who we were, where we came from and where we wanted to be. Every step of the way we had the guidance and inspiration we needed yet had the freedom to add, subtract or incorporate our ideas with theirs. It was truly a team approach. Systematically they picked our brains and designed our dream home one step at a time.

To say we are happy customers is an understatement!

We never thought we would be a bit saddened by seeing the journey come to an end. The attention to detail and excitement Echelon brought to the table fully supports their motto: “Passion. Energy. Pride.” We are truly grateful to have been a part of the Echelon experience.

Roman & Stacie Orsini

Note: Structural options including, but not limited to, additional bedrooms and baths are available on certain plans. Renderings are artist’s conception. All information is subject to change without notice.

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