Pre-Construction Meeting and Groundbreaking

After the design is complete, we host a pre-construction meeting during which we introduce you to your construction team and provide you with a complete overview of the construction process.

We’ve found that educating our clients about the construction process helps our clients share in the excitement during the creation of their home.

Following the Pre-Construction Meeting is the Groundbreaking Ceremony. You get to break ground on your home using your own personalized ceremonial shovel. Let the fun begin!

Julie & Bill Farmer

Construction Phase

The construction phase is managed by a project manager/site supervisor team. They manage the site daily and provide clients with weekly updates using Customer Looking Glass to keep them informed of what has happened in their home.

Time lapse of the construction process.

It’s been a great ride working with such pleasant and knowledgeable people who really know their stuff! At this dance, you’ve swept us off our feet!

- Polly Stark


Upon the completion of your new home, an Echelon team member will walk you through your home to educate you on its unique construction aspects and answer your questions about appliances, water cut-offs and good maintenance practices. You will also be introduced to our Customer Service team.

You are ready to move in. Welcome home!

The Platia family with team Echelon

Continued Relationship

When you build a home with Echelon, you become part of the Echelon family. The Echelon Experience naturally creates long lasting friendships between the Echelon team and our clients. Club Echelon was formed as a way to embrace these friendships and allow our clients to continue to be a part of the Echelon family long after the completion of their Echelon home.

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We get together with our clients even after the build process is complete.
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Furnishing Your New Home

With the addition of Echelon Interiors, we are able to take your home beyond construction and provide full service interior design complete with furniture, window treatments and accessories. Echelon Interiors has an impressive track record with numerous Echelon homes receiving National Awards for Interior Design.

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