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Our Commitment To Being Better Builders

There’s only one thing more satisfying than building a high quality home and that’s surprising our homeowners with our strong commitment to customer service.

From the first handshake to the last, we guide you through the process of building your dream home. Even after settlement, your relationship with Echelon continues. Our Customer Service Team will be there for you long after the ink is dry at settlement.

Homeowner’s Manual

At Pre-Settlement Orientation, we provide a comprehensive homeowner’s manual specific to each customer’s home. This resource answers many common questions, such as use and maintenance guidelines, troubleshooting tips and emergency information.

As you settle into your home during the first year, you may find items that need further adjustment. In addition, you may have questions about the Limited Builder’s Warranty, home maintenance, proper operation of the appliances, heating and air conditioning, or other home systems. Many of these items are included in this manual and online. We also want to assure you that the Customer Service staff at Echelon is available to assist you in these areas.

Many customers assume that once their home has been completed, their builder “disappears” from their life. At Echelon, we consider that unfinished business.

Customer Warranty Services

After you’ve settled on your new home, it’s time to get settled in it!

Your construction manager is still here for you. As you unpack and start to get to know your new home, you may have additional questions about its operation or function. We will “follow-up” with you approximately 30 days after you’ve settled, to ensure you feel comfortable and secure in your knowledge of your new home. During this meeting you will be introduced to the Schell Brothers Customer Service Technician that will be servicing your home through the one year builder warranty coverage.

In our continuing effort to provide quality customer service to you in your new home, we have created customer service procedures that should prove to be both effective and efficient.

Approximately 10-11 months after your settlement date, we have planned for a 1 Year Anniversary Follow-Up. Our Customer Service Technicians will orchestrate this tune up opportunity to your satisfaction.

Time sensitive, but non-emergency requests, to include Air Conditioning or Roof Leaks, will always be serviced as quickly as possible between your first and last Follow-Up Meetings.

Additionally, any miscellaneous service requests will be evaluated by our Customer Service technicians. They will determine with you if the item should be serviced at that time, or if it should be addressed at your 1 Year Anniversary Follow-Up.

Limited Builder’s Warranty

To show our homeowners our true commitment to customer satisfaction and quality building, we offer a consumer–friendly Limited Builder’s Warranty. The warranty clearly describes both the homeowner’s and Schell Brothers’ responsibilities for a ten year period.

For Emergency Service, please refer to our Emergency Service procedures.

For Appliance Service, please refer to our Appliance Service procedures.

As your builder, we know your home’s design and construction both inside and out.