Design Selections

Once a home is designed, the selections process begins. You will work with one of our designers at our award winning design center to select all of the items for your home. We help take you through the process step by step while creating a cohesive design tailored around your specific budget. This is done at a pace that is comfortable for the client and helps create an easy, stress free process that people enjoy and appreciate.

As these selections are made the house is being priced so that a true price to build the home can be established rather than an estimate which can vary once construction begins.

Design Studio

Our award-winning Design Studio allows us to showcase many of the products available in our homes. There are thousands of home products and materials on the market today and the process of making selections can be stressful and overwhelming.

At Echelon, we are constantly researching new products, attending trade shows, and even visiting manufacturing plants to find the best products at the best prices for our homeowners. While most builders send their customers to Lowe’s or The Home Depot with an “allowance,” we guide our customers through the entire selections process. This allows our clients to create the most exquisite home possible using materials and products you simply won’t find at your local big box hardware store.

“The Echelon team has made designing our dream home the experience of a lifetime. I thought I would be overwhelmed with the decisions that had to be made but the design team at Echelon has taken the worry out of my part of the job. I would not want to build a home without them.”