Our Customers

The Echelon Experience creates long lasting friendships between us and our homeowners.

Our clients continue to be a part of the Echelon family long after the completion of their home. We love our clients and it’s great to hear they love us too!

We get together with our clients even after the build process is complete.
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When we got a gingerbread house as a gift with our name on it I knew we were with a great company. There is an expression “how you do anything is how you do everything”. It’s the small stuff that adds up and you and your company manage every detail. You guys rock!

David Donald

Echelon Custom Homes' complete focus on establishing a home versus building a house was palpable. The end to end design - build experience led to our extreme satisfaction. The Echelon team not only loved our house, you could tell they all love their company and mission.

Paul & Diane Palmieri

Fantastic from start to finish!
Amazing attention to details, professionalism and quality. Echelon used state of the art methods for construction renderings & plans as well as platforms for communication. The web-based project specific interface was of great value. 

Individually, each of the Echelon team members were great to work with. The in-house design studio was of great benefit as well - we were able to choose from a world of options with an infinite resource for complete customization under the advisement of a wonderful design professional. Our construction-super was of the highest level - unparalleled communicatively and capability! Every detail was attended to with care and competence. 

Echelon has our highest regard and we recommend them without reservation!

Steve & Andy Jaskulsky

Our relationship with Echelon started even before we were customers.  They helped my wife and I make sure the property we planned to purchase was right to build our dream home, even bringing out a crane to allow us to visualize views from a potential 3rd floor deck. 

Once we became customers, their design center allow us to make all of our choices  - from counter tops and appliances to bed frames – using thousands of samples on hand as well as countless online vendors. Echelon took full ownership of all aspects of the build process, even integrating our pool vendor under their oversight.  The end product was beyond our expectations and the quality can be seen in every inch of the house.   It is true what were told about working with Echelon - you start as customers and end as life-long friends.  The Echelon team treats you as if you were their only customer with the passion and enthusiasm as if they were building their own home.

Bill Hurd

Having Echelon Build our home was a wonderful experience. Very little stress and our home is amazing!

Kyle Shaffer

What can we say…Echelon is simply the best! We did extensive research and interviewed several builders. Echelon is the TITAN amongst the custom home builders of Delaware. Only Echelon has this amazing design division, which is accompanied by evidence based building. The staff are highly educated and professional to the core, and somehow they found a way to make the process fun and exciting.

The Echelon team listened to us and made our building process personal. They wanted to understand who we were, where we came from and where we wanted to be. Every step of the way we had the guidance and inspiration we needed yet had the freedom to add, subtract or incorporate our ideas with theirs. It was truly a team approach. Systematically they picked our brains and designed our dream home one step at a time.

To say we are happy customers is an understatement!

We never thought we would be a bit saddened by seeing the journey come to an end. The attention to detail and excitement Echelon brought to the table fully supports their motto: “Passion. Energy. Pride.” We are truly grateful to have been a part of the Echelon experience.

Roman & Stacie Orsini

Randy and I are absolutely thrilled with the house! We think it is one of the very nicest homes in town. But even more importantly, it is perfect for us. As we enjoy it for years to come, we will think fondly of the team who made it all possible- you!!  

Ilona Holland

Nobody does it better!!! Echelon team is professional and they treat you like a member of their family!

Trish Galioto

Chris, this past weekend we had a chance to see our house in Cape Shores, and meet with the extended team (Wes, Mike P., landscape brothers). Must say your group is very impressive. This sounds awkward - by my view, as an Executive Officer of  Public company is a bit broader than most, and in my view you have built a business model that is very customer oriented.  Folks are on time, attentive, offer solutions vs. "why we can't", and very focused on the overall customers objective. Partners like the landscapers and Audio / Visual,  are a mirror image.
Very impressed.  Thanks to all.  You should be very proud of what you have built.

Jay Townsend

Chris, I really want to thank you and your company for all you have done to make the construction of our house a home with so many fond and happy memories. Echelon’s staff, construction management, service and follow through made our decision making and building process almost effortless. Tim, Matty, Lance, Mike and now Glen have been with us the entire time and have never let us down. As I have told you many times previously, it is evident to me and so many others, Echelon practices what they preach!! This is so very important for the continued growth and success of a company, especially in such a tough economic environment. We are big time fans of you and your staff. Once again, thanks for everything.

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Bruce Moore

Echelon said this will be a great and fun experience and they were telling the truth.

Jim Vendetti

Your customer focus has persuaded us to go with Echelon. We look forward to much fun after this project is completed.

Jay & Faye Townsend

Working with you and the Echelon Construction Team, to build the Mancini Residence, was one of the best experiences that I've had in my Design Career.

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Donna Thomas Architect

Thank you for the wonderful Echelon experience this year building our home. I know that people say building a custom home is very stressful and we have friends living that stress as we speak. We have had our stress replaced by a fun and exciting experience that continues to grow each and every week. Your team is excellent. Their service and attention to detail is unmatched.

Dennis & Kathy Smith

We appreciate all you are doing to make our wishes and dreams come true.

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The Hollands

Echelon takes what you imagine and makes it a reality. From beginning to end, Echelon Custom Homes makes you an integral part of the process. It is a total team approach that works!

Helen & Tom Gargan

I have recommended Echelon at least 50 times. It’s for the integration, for the convenience, the lack of stress, the quality of the workmanship, the amazing coordination of all the subcontractors and the unbelievable friendly family environment you have.

Ilona Holland

We have built three custom homes and the Peninsula home was more complex and detailed, yet the overall experience was more pleasant than our past experiences. The reason for this was your team's excellent communication and organizational skills, your talented design team and the craftsmanship and finish work. Thank you all very much for our new home and the pleasant building experience.

Debbie Polise

We could not have found a more dedicated and caring team to build our home.

Christine Strauss

I was warned by many friends that building a house would be one of those decisions that one would ultimately regret as the problems with builders would lead to lots of headaches and unhappiness. Fortunately, that information was soooo wrong! It's been a great ride working with such pleasant and knowledgeable people who really know their stuff. At this dance, you've swept us off our feet! Thank you, thank you!

Polly Stark

I can't thank you enough. You and the Echelon staff were so kind to me and made me feel right at home.

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Rose Vendetti

Monica and I wish to thank you and all the staff at Echelon for making our project so effortless. I have built several homes and have been involved in countless building projects but have never experienced the level of planning, follow-up and professionalism I have at Echelon. Thank you again for vastly exceeding our expectations.

Tom & Monica Mancini

Thank you for building our exquisite, amazing and wonderful beach house! Our house is so much better than our old beach house. You have created a dream house! Thank you so much for the basketball hoop & ball, wiffle ball & bat, treats and neat lockers.

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The Chang Children

From the commencement of the design process, the staff has given us their unlimited time and invaluable expertise, which has made our multitude of decisions so much easier. I feel the company has given us exactly what we want in our dream home, from design to ultimate completion.

Bruce Moore

We so appreciated you listening to what style of home we envisioned. Not only were the steps on decision making made enjoyable, but the timely sequencing of each decision made us feel that every task was on track toward the final completion. We simply could not be happier.

Susan & John Gee

We have built three custom homes and the Peninsula home was more complex and detailed, yet the overall experience was more pleasant than our past experiences. The reason for this was your team’s excellent communication and organization skills, your talented design team, and the craftsmanship and finish work. Thank you all very much for our new home and the pleasant building experience.

Debbie Polise

We walked into this house, we fell in love with it.

Steve & Barbara Saville

Far too often building a home can be a total nightmare. Fortunately for us, you have made building our custom vacation home a dream come true! From start to finish our experience has been exciting and fun. From concept to reality, you guided us through what could have been an overwhelming project and made for such a positive building experience that we would not hesitate to do again.

Paul & Diane Kinsey

We are extremely happy with our home, your organization and your personnel . . . I am very impressed with your integrity, dedication to your final product, and desire to be the best.

Bruce Moore

Our concept was to build a 'Hansel and Gretel' cottage and the translation is amazing. The Echelon team understood our rather unusual request and the proof is in the pudding…we have a little bit of a fairy tale at the beach!

Christine Strauss

Dear Chris,

                I am dropping you a note to let you know how happy we are with our new Echelon Home. We were told up front that we would be happy with your company. I must say that was an understatement. Your team exceeded our expectations from start to finish.

The upfront work with Tim and Matty went very well. But I must say when we got into the selection process is when Matty really shined. He quickly understood what we were looking for and stayed the course while occasionally pushing us just beyond our comfort level which in the end, turned out great. Matty went the extra mile on every detail even to the point of making a trip to our home in Colorado to complete the selections.

                We were equally impressed with Wes and his team. Wes is a solution guy and always found a way to make any problem go away.  He is also an outstanding communicator that never left us in the dark. You are very fortunate to have people like Matty and Wes working for your company.

                We look forward to returning to our new home in April. I hope our paths cross soon.

Best Regards,

Ed & Gerri Scanlon