2012 CrossFit Games Open Challenge; week 3 RESULTS

By Dion Lamb, in health

Ah the drama continues…so much for my goal of 7 rounds. Life definitely does not always cooperate with my Crossfit plans. This week was also my wife’s 40th birthday and I had a big weekend event planned, which included renting a house for the weekend in Rehoboth and surprising her with flying a friend in from Chicago. My first plan was to do the workout Friday night, but after getting back from the airport I was coerced into having a few beers with the girls who were celebrating with my wife on Friday night. Then the plan moved to Saturday day, I was on Dad duty but my son was supposed to get picked up for a birthday party at 10:30 so I had planned for an 11:00 workout. I had a client meeting at 12:30 and then organizing the rest of the nights activities for day 2 of my wife’s celebration. Perfect. Yeah, not so much, the person picking up my son who is usually super punctual if not early did not show up until 11:25, grrrrr. So Saturday was out and that only left Sunday. Sunday after my wife’s 40th birthday party with 20 friends, so of course I didn’t drink at all and stayed sober so I’d be fresh for Sunday. Haha, no chance.

This was not a workout to do hungover, not that any are, but man did this one hurt. Felt ill from the second minute in and had to grind through for 16 more minutes. As you might imagine not my best showing. I managed 5 rounds plus 37 reps for a total of 207 reps. I have now dropped to 424th place overall, which has me outside my goal of the top 25%. I need to pick it up on the last two…