Antonio trains Echelon Custom Homes employees for calendar shoot

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Custom Homes

Passion, energy and pride is the motto used to describe how Chris Schell- President of Echelon Custom Homes- perceives his companies product so why would he accept anything less when hiring a trainer to help his employees get in shape for their fist annual company calendar shoot?

The answer is he wouldn’t. He immediately came to Antonio’s Training Systems and enrolled his calendar employees in my 12 Week Body Transformation Program.

Chris Schell created the calendar shoot as a clever way to motivate his employees to take up a healthy lifestyle. On July 15, 2009 his employees will pose for a calendar shoot to feature The Bodies of Echelon.

In addition to looking great for the camera each employee will be expected to fulfill a list of personal goals determined by yours truly or they will have to pay the company back for the cost of their transformation. This may be the most creative healthcare program ever. Stay tuned for more information.