Fun in the (not-so-much) Sun

By Megan Frohman, in culture

Hoping the storm will miss us

Last Friday was the company beach day at Gordon’s Pond, what a blast it was. Despite the weather forecast of scattered thunderstorms, the company still decided to go forth with the event.

Two Jolly Trolley’s picked us up from the Schell Brother’s offices. We then made our way to the Delaware State Park and walked nothing short of half a mile to our designated site. What a sight it was. Music blasting, games scattered across the beach, and numerous coolers filled with… refreshments. After everyone was settled, there was just enough time for the opening ceremony, and then the storm clouds came rolling in. Still, the storm did not rain on our parade. Once we found shelter, we continued to party on.

Luckily enough, the weather lightened up and we were able to continue the festivities back on the beach. There, we played corn hole, volleyball, horseshoes and much more. In addition, Wes, one of Echelon’s Superintendents, coordinated relay races, which consisted of surfboards, swimming in the ocean, and puzzles. As much fun as it was partaking in the games, it was even more enjoyable laughing at everybody else participating. There were too many trials and groups to keep track of who actually won, but one thing is for sure, how much fun everybody had.

The day came to a close when the torrential downpour began, yet again.
There wasn’t a single person who didn’t get caught in the rain. We then marched back to the Trolley, getting our exercise in for the day, and headed home in perfect timing for beach traffic. Thankfully, our driver had the kahunas to risk driving in the bus lane. We then arrived safely, but mostly quickly, to our destination.

In the end, it was yet another successful Schell Brothers Companies event, bad weather and all.  If this is what they call work, I never want to retire.

Until next time!