Tout de Suite Patisserie

By Ivana Biela, in Club Echelon

Do you ever wonder where to go for the best French rolls, butter croissants or scones? Search no more.

About two weeks ago I met David Hines at a social media seminar. We sat next to each other and started talking. He told me about his little bakery located at Paynters Mill. I was instantly intrigued. I’ve been looking for a nice European style bakery to include in Club Echelon for quite  some time and now I found it.

David and his wife Barbara, who is a professionally trained pastry chef, opened their Patisserie (French pastry shop) about two years ago. Their dream was to bring back the art and craft of baking and pastry making. Their shop, Tout de Suite (pronounced “toot sweet”), is perfectly suited for those who want to experience European quality baked items, from classic butter croissants to French macaroons. I visited their Paynter’s Mill* location in Milton, where I tried a  Croissant with vanilla cream, golden raisins and spiced rum syrup and Blueberry-Cheese Danish. Wow, it was good!

I told Barbara I wished their bakery was closer to the beach. She then told me that Tout de Suite will have a new retail location at The Unique Boutique in Lewes (also known as ‘The Barn at 5 Points’) just north of Ace Hardware on Rt.1 starting March 1st 2012. Hoooray!  The shop will be open Wed. – Sat. from 9 am – 3 pm.

Stop by our newest Club Echelon business for a fresh croissant and a cup of coffee and say hello to Barbara & David. Bon Appetite!


*After March 10th, 2012 the Paynter’s Mill location will be used for production & special/large order pick up only. Call in advance for large orders at 302.645.4558.