What is this RENEW anyway???

By Dion Lamb, in News

You may have seen the sign at the Echelon Design Center, or the job site signs in downtown Rehoboth, or maybe one of the Renew trucks driving down route 1 in a safe and courteous manner, and wondered what the company is all about. Well it is your lucky day, our marketing coordinator has pestered me relentlessly to write a blog about Renew so I am taking this opportunity to introduce the company.

A little over a year ago the team at Echelon decided it was time to take action on an idea they had been working on for many months. The idea was to create a company using the Echelon model of service, quality, and customer satisfaction ECSTATIC CUSTOMERS and have it focus on renovations, remodeling, and energy retrofits. With Renew you get the same great team of designers (Tim, Matty, Rebecca, Ivana, and Joni) and an experienced renovation team in John Coyle, Dion Lamb, and Chris Tull.

What’s interesting is that the Echelon approach to building a house – putting our customer’s happiness first, making all design decisions and selection upfront, and building a friendship with our clients as opposed to just a business relationship is even more important in the world of renovations. When your home is being torn apart and put back together you need people you trust to take care of you and your home, while moving with as much speed as possible. That is why our team is completely dedicated to renovations/additions/remodeling, because it is a very different animal than building a house from scratch. It requires expertise, experience, and major attention to detail.  This isn’t side work for us, this is our profession and we love what we do.

So if you have a basement that needs finishing, a neighbor who is looking to build an addition, or a friend who is finally ready to completely redo their beach house, you want Renew on your team. We would love to share our passion and experience to make the magic that is before and after pictures.

You can see our work, meet our team, and find out more about our process at www.RENEWvation.com, or you can give me, Dion Lamb, a call directly at 302-841-5660.